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Other Photos

Cow Parade, La Jolla, March 21, 2009
Outrigger Canoe Practice, June 24, 2008
Our Yard Before Tree Removal, February 6, 2008
Wetlands Creation Project - January 2007
Bill's 80th Birthday Party - December 2006
All 229 Hanohano photos from Suzanne's CD
Hanohano photos
Backyard Party, May 2005
Stella's Quilts, 2003-04
San Diego Opera Brunch, March 2004
Gingerbread House Decorating Party, December 2003
Dave's 40th Birthday Party, October 2003
Elaine's Visit to San Diego, February-March 2003
Preview Mt. Almagosa Place Block Party 2001 photos!
Our House in pictures 2/28/03.
Haunted Star Photos!
Old Family Photos, 1963-1966
Nora! Tony & Wendi's baby pics!
More Nora pics from Vera's page.
New! Green Album, Selected Photos 1965-68, Volume 1
Miscellaneous scanned slides, 1963-1983
Marty's Family (Newark); Sherry and Marty Wedding, June 7, 1959
Marty's NYC Friends-1954, Colorado-1957, To California-1962


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